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Honest and detailed readings to provide answers and guidance in all areas of your life. Allow me to help and provide insight to enrich your life..
Discover the answers and gain a clearer understanding of what is happening in your life.
Do you want to know how someone feels about you?
Do you need answers about a Relationship?

Life, Love, Career, Relationship questions?

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Astrology Readings

I began my spiritual journey with the discovery of Tarot Cards.  Learning to understand them and use their unique guidance, was only the beginning of the magic they would bring to my life.

To realize the value in intuitive readings and in becoming enlightened, is an important step in gaining personal wisdom, endless knowledge and unbiased guidance.
Responsibility is crucial in the success of intuitive readings. A positive attitude with a genuine willingness to learn, is what is necessary to continue your personal journey and has to be present if want to actively “participate” in your own destiny.

Understand that readings are flexible and can be altered depending on changes made in even the smallest way.
Life is a spiritual journey and there many different paths to your destination. Embrace your own intuition and along with the intuitive gifts of experienced professionals, you can genuinely tap into the vibrations that guide and allow you to control the course you are on.

Tarot cards work with the univere to paint a picture that is. the story your life.  The Tarot provide answers to things you want or need to know,                       .

Runes are amazing stones carved with the Futhark Alphabet, are extremely spiritual, and loaded with energy and awaiting your query 

Through astrology you will gain a better understanding yourself and place within the universe. Get your birth chart done today!                                  


Is my partner seeing someone else?

Why is there distance between us?

How can get back to where we were?

Do they still love me?
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