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Readings by Rune


Utterly fantastic. Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is on the money and connected, people!
Wonderful, time and time again! Never wrong !!! Really!
a very lovely and encouraging reading, she picked up on alot of factors in the situation i'm currently in and was very precise with what she saw.
As always my experience with this beautiful lady rings true. The stones really do rock!
I had a very good and detailed, claryfying session! Thank u for your insight and help!
prediction right on time as usual love you
Always amazingly accurate and helpful. Thank you!
Always giving the best insight!
I will start my review by saying, without a doubt this reader is highly gifted, accurate, and has a true gift. Beyond the fact that she is the "real deal", I would like to take a minute to say that more importantly, she is one of the rare few that uses that has the ability to use her real gift in conjunction with positive wisdom to help motivate, heal, and guide you forward. I would highly recommend
Always been right on/accurate with every partner I have asked about...
​Thank you, great reading as always. So positive and uplifting!
She was great. She was able to tune into the situation quickly and accurately without the need for any info! Very sweet and a quick typist! Kind and helpful nature. Thank you again!
Thank you for your honesty and sugar-coated reading. I feel u r blessed with a special gift...the reading possessed many attributes of mine that i need 2 work on and move forward. Blessings and Peace to You and Yours...
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